1. Check-in time is from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM;
2. Upon arrival, each guest is required to promptly submit their personal identification document (identity card or passport) in accordance with current regulations, which will be promptly returned to them so that its presence can be reported to the competent Authority;
3. Access to the apartment is reserved exclusively for individuals communicated before check-in and for whom payment has been duly made; therefore, unauthorized access is prohibited, and visits by external guests must be communicated to the owner in advance and authorized by them;
4. Upon arrival, each guest is required, in accordance with local regulations, to pay the tourist tax as stipulated in the same regulations, if not already paid;
5. The tenant will be given the keys to the pedestrian gate on the street, the entrance door to the stairwell, and the apartment; in case of loss and/or damage to the keys, prompt notification must be given to the landlord and/or caretaker, and any expenses for replacement of locks and/or refurbishment will be charged to the tenant;
6. Any disturbing noise is prohibited, especially during the hours between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM and between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM. In general, it is good manners to respect the rules of civilized living in the apartment, stairwell, entrance hall, and common areas;
7. Each guest is responsible for the custody of their personal belongings and valuables left in the apartment; the owner is not responsible for their unfortunate theft;
8. Each guest is responsible for their behavior in the house and in the surrounding area, and in case of incidents attributable to them, they will be required to compensate for damages;
9. Guests are kindly requested, before leaving the apartment and the building, to perform the following checks:

• ensure all water faucets are closed;
• ensure all gas taps on the cooker are closed;
• ensure all electrical appliances (TV, air conditioners, cooker, etc.) are turned off;
• turn off the lights;
• lock gates and windows where applicable;
• lock the entrance door to the apartment, the entrance door to the stairwell, and the pedestrian gate on the street;

10. The owner has the right, in the absence of the guest and under special circumstances, to enter the apartment to prevent possible damage or hazards. The owner is obliged to promptly inform the guest of their entry into the apartment;
11. Equipment and appliances that are not part of the apartment’s offer may only be used with the owner’s authorization;
12. Pets are not allowed;
13. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the apartment and within the common areas of the building;
14. In case of loss or damage to facilities, furniture, appliances, or equipment in the apartment, the guest must promptly notify the owner. If the loss or damage is attributable to the guest’s fault, they will be required to compensate for the value of the lost item or the damage caused;
15. It is strictly prohibited to remove appliances or equipment parts (such as towels, blankets, etc.) from the apartment;
16. It is prohibited to introduce weapons, explosives, or easily flammable substances, substances with a strong or unpleasant odor, or any other tool that may cause damage to property or persons into the building and the apartment without the owner’s permission;
17. Waste must be disposed of in the appropriate bins located on the street, in front of the entrance gate; it is strictly prohibited to throw or abandon any type of waste in the toilets inside the apartment, in the common areas of the building such as the landing, staircase, courtyard, near the house, and in general in any condominium space;
18. It is strictly prohibited to organize parties, celebrations, and events of any kind in the apartment and in any part of the building, or to cause any kind of disturbance to neighboring residents.
19. Check-out time is by 10:00 AM.